Manufacturing / Modification

Manufacturing / Modification

BPI Medical provides manufacturing and modification services to spinal and orthopedic instrument manufacturers as well hospitals, surgery centers and medical clinics throughout the United States.  Additionally we offer similar services to non-profit institutions in other countries as well. BPI Medical has been manufacturing and modifying surgical instruments since 1976; helping to bring customized solutions from concept to the operating table.  Creating unique instrumentation helps our clients ensure the best possible patient outcome.

Our engineering team (consisting of planners, machinists, and QC technicians) has the capability to create highly complex surgical instrument modifications for specialized procedures. Our team members will partner with your Engineering Department, Medical Staff or any other team member to help bring your design or concept to life. We currently provide our customer base with the following:

  • Modification and repair of medical instruments
  • Surgical instruments or tooling "made to order"
  • Drive end replacement
  • Specialized inserters for unusual cases
  • Small scale machining / micromachining

We are able to offer these specialized services using the following machines and processes;

  • Multi-axis CNC mills
  • CNC lathes
  • Wire EDM machines
  • Manual mills and lathes

A Cut Above the Competition

Finding a company that can meet the stringent needs to produce and modify medication instrumentation doesn't have to be a challenge.  In fact, we've established a solid reputation in the industry for meeting and exceeding requirements and expectations.  We recognize that 3 key fundamentals must always exist to ensure that each and every modification is done right for our customers.


Quality isn't just a buzz word here at BPI Medical.  Quality matters to us on a variety of levels; from the composition of the metals that we use, all the way to the customer service that we offer. Only by maintaining high standards are we able to provide our clients with the highest degree of excellence.


Tight tolerances are a requirement in the medical industry. Using high precision machinery to produce and modify instrumentation, we make certain that all parts meet the surgeon's requirements the first time.  Each piece is designed and tested to ensure accuracy and exactness.

Quick Turn Times

Our team understands the importance of the modifications that we provide.  Whether you are a returning customer or a new customer to BPI, we treat your modification request, questions or concerns with the utmost priority.  In most cases, a patient's procedure hinges on the completion of the modification of one ore more specific instruments. Whether it is a request for quote or the process of modification itself, BPI provides the fastest turn time possible to help ensure that the procedure is on schedule.


Wire EDMSmall Diameter Wires, Submerged cutting, High Taper, Auto-threading, and Anti-electrolysis power supply
SoftwareAutoCAD, Esprit, PEPS Camtek, SolidWorks, and Mastercam 7
ProtoypingProof of concept, form study, visual models, and functional prototypes.
Small Batch MachiningIterative refinement and responsive production
Quality Control ProcessDye Penetrant Inspection, Optical Comparator, and Multi Axis CMM Inspection