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Flexible Endoscope Repair

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We specialize in the refurbishment and repair of flexible endoscopes made by all major manufacturers; including Olympus, ACMI, Pentax, Storz, Machida, Stryker, and Vision Sciences. In addition to flex scope repair, we also offer in-house CCD camera chip rewires.

We understand that medical professionals require ‘like new’ performance. All flexible endoscopes are refurbished and repaired to meet the original manufacturer’s standards. Only the highest quality parts have been selected to ensure top performance and complete customer satisfaction.  With over 17 years of providing endoscopy repair services and over 50 years of combined technician experience, you can count on BPI Medical to be your one stop facility for all your flexible endoscopy equipment repairs. The quality of our work is backed by a 90 day warranty on all repairs and an incredible 2 year warranty on all insertion tube replacements.

Restore Clarity and Flexibility

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Don't let compromised clarity and flexibility hinder your endoscopy procedures. Contact our skilled team of technicians today for comprehensive and efficient repairs of your flexible endoscopes. With our expertise in OEM-certified repairs, we'll ensure your equipment operates at its peak performance, providing accurate and reliable results.

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