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Sharpening, Aligning, and Straightening for Impeccable Performance

BPI Medical provides complete repair services for general, specialty stainless, and laparoscopic surgical instruments. Our experienced technicians refurbish instruments to "like new" condition using precision equipment, plus We can even apply specialized finishing processes to protect your instruments from contamination and corrosion, further reducing repair, replacement costs and down time. BPI Medical offers significant cost savings, typically 40-60% less than OEM repair costs and 10-20% under competitors' prices, with a satisfaction guarantee. Properly maintained surgical instruments maximize performance, ensure patient safety, and keep surgeons satisfied. BPI Medical assists in managing repair programs to save customers time and money.

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Don't let worn-out instruments compromise your precision and productivity. Contact our experienced team today for comprehensive instrument repair services, including sharpening, aligning, and straightening. We prioritize OEM quality to ensure your instruments regain their optimal functionality, maximizing their lifespan and performance.

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